About Us

The main aim of the the company is to get the contents of Journal controlled by independent Editorial team and the publication of same is controlled by the company however the Premchand Shantidevi Trust remains the main custodian of the Journal. To make it easier to submit the research findings promptly and easily from any part of world, an on line portal www.jcdr.org.in was made available to them to submit their research work on line. The aim of the company is to publish through its journals the research about health and related issues and to use the findings of doctors working at the ground level and that of young researchers. The company entered into foray of publication and published a small number of 109 articles in the first year and gradually increased to approx. 2000 articles per year in 2017. The publication is now available on line and print for convenience of authors.

The company got its Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research indexed with PubMed in 2012 and remained with them till September, 2017 and with other major indexers in the world.

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